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In a recent mailing sent to most of our members, PFA President Doug Purcell made a plea for volunteers to help to keep our organization going into its 44th year and beyond. Some of the positions would require very little time during the year. Some would require a larger commitment but undoubtedly a more rewarding effort.
The organization needs a membership coordinator. The duties include a renew l form mailing to the members once a year in early fall. As members renew, the coordinator keeps the list current. As new members join, a letter of welcome is sent out along with any current newsletters. New members are almost always computer connected and prefer to receive notices and newsletters electronically by email.

A proofreader for the newsletter requires a computer, a good eye for spelling errors and other “typos” and a couple of hours in a year. We also need an indexer, someone who will note the names mentioned in each article and type up a list with the page numbers for each issue so that the editor can send out the index in December. This position could be shared by two or more people.

The triennial Purcell Family reunion needs a local coordinator to negotiate group rates at facilities and help plan activities in their area. This is a big commitment but it would only be for one reunion and the person in charge can recruit volunteers to do some of the legwork.

But the key position that is falling vacant is editor. I regret that, for many reasons, I must step down after this issue. Let me assure you that, when I began in 2009, I had had no experience whatsoever at writing articles or editing. I just wanted to ensure that the organization continued after Editor Robert Purcell resigned and I learned on the job. Both Microsoft and Apple have wonderful desktop publishing programs that make your work look professional. And I promise advice and even articles ready to go for the next issue. This position could be divided between two people who might share in the writing/editing and in doing research on articles and family trees, as Forrest and Alice Purcell did many years ago. The PFA has decided to offer a subscription to Ancestry.com with the position to facilitate research.

Please consider volunteering. Without your help, the PFA will become just a website and a social media presence. Email me or Doug with any questions you have. Thank you very much for your support.

By: Connie Rinaldi

Is your last name Purcell, Pursel, Pursell, Purscell, Pursley or one of nearly 50 related spellings?
Are you related to a Purcell somewhere in your family tree?

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The Purcell Family of America is an historical and genealogical organization dedicated to research into the history of Purcell ancestors and descendants. The resulting information, along with contributions from members is published in a highly-professional quarterly newsletter. Through these newletters, and past journals, plus this website, you may learn about your ancestors and make contact with cousins. You can also use the Discussion Groups to ask questions or read what others have posted.  Find out more about yourself by better understanding your heritage. We look forward to exchanging information with you.

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2016 Reunion

The PFA board is soliciting recommendations for the 2016 reunion location together with the name or names of individuals in this city who could assist with planning and local logistics.


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