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Is your last name Purcell, Pursel, Pursell, Purscell, Pursley or one of nearly 50 related spellings? Do you have a Purcell in your family tree?

Since 1972, the Purcell Family of America Genealogical Association (PFA) has helped members and others to research and disseminate information on the history and genealogy of the various Purcell (and surname variants) families in America and throughout the world.

Today, the PFA offers a few ways to engage with fellow Purcell descendants and researchers:

  • Anyone interested in Purcells can join the PFA Forum on Facebook. This is an easy place to share interesting information and ask quick questions from the group.

  • If you'd like to go deeper, join the PFA! Membership is free, and offers access to additional resources, including over 45 years of journals and newsletters and a dedicated members-only discussion group. See the Members page for more information.

  • Articles of interest are occasionally posted on the Blog; you can sign up there for notification of any new posts.

Our best wishes to all Purcell-seekers, and we hope we can be a helpful part of your journey.

Loughmore Castle in County Tipperary, Ireland

Ancestral Seat of the Purcell Family

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