Is your last name Purcell, Pursel, Pursell, Purscell, Pursley or one of nearly 50 related spellings? Do you have a Purcell in your family tree?

Since 1972, the Purcell Family of America Genealogical Association (PFA) has helped members and others to research and disseminate information on the history and genealogy of the various Purcell (and surname variants) families in America and throughout the world.

This website provides access to over 45 years of journals and newsletters, a genealogical forum to engage with fellow Purcell-seekers, and more. Stop by for a visit or stay and join as a member! We recommend starting in the Forum and Blog (links above). We hope you find out more about yourself by better understanding your heritage.

Loughmore Castle in County Tipperary, Ireland

Ancestral Seat of the Purcell Family

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