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The Purcell Family of America offers two primary ways to engage with fellow Purcell descendants and researchers.


Anyone interested in Purcells can join the PFA Forum on Facebook. This is an easy place to share interesting information and ask quick questions from the group.

If you'd like to go deeper, join the PFA! Membership is free, and offers access to 45 years of digitized PFA journals and newsletters as well as the PFA Members' Discussion Group. This group is used for sharing and helping answer questions about Purcell genealogy or history, and is built to support long discussion threads - which are archived permanently to support later researchers. The group operates as an email list with a Web interface for the same content; simply view and reply to emails as you receive them, or go online to view past archives or follow a thread.

As a Member, you are encouraged to do your best to read questions others have and help out when you can, as well as ask your own questions when you have them. To accept this invitation and join the group, submit your email address below. This will take you to our page on, where you will apply to join; once confirmed (typically within a few days; we do this to prevent spammers) you will be added to the Discussion Group and you will also receive a welcome email with the password to view the Journals and Newsletters.

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