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Visit the new PFA Forum!

We've been testing a new approach to connecting those interested in Purcell history and genealogy using a Facebook group, and the early results are successful enough that we want to encourage all interested in Purcells to dive in, read what others have posted, add comments, and contribute your own posts, photos, questions, etc. Check it out here: PFA Forum!

We understand that not everyone uses Facebook, but in testing various approaches this was the format that resulted in the most conversation (by far!) so we'll push forward with it, while remaining open to better ways in the future. Please take a look and give it a chance! You'll have to request membership to the group the first time - we do that to prevent spamming - but it will be approved quickly, and is not connected to membership in the PFA overall. We want as many people as possible to take part in the conversation!

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