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A Purcell gathering in Ireland

A guest post from Brien Purcell Horan, creator of

Dear Members and Friends of the Purcell Family of America:

I write to make you aware of two Purcell items that may be of interest.

First, a gathering in Ireland of the Purcells is being planned for the year 2022. That year will be the 300th anniversary of the death of the last head of the Purcell family of Ireland, Colonel Nicholas Purcell, Baron of Loughmoe. He died in poverty at Loughmoe Castle in 1722. Purcells from all over the world, Purcell descendants and those interested in the Purcells will be welcome to attend.

Plans are in the early stages, but at this point a dinner in Kilkenny (a town with many Purcell associations) and a visit to the village of Loughmore in Co. Tipperary (where the ruins of Loughmoe Castle stand) are being planned. The gathering would also include visits to sites associated with the Purcells in Kilkenny (such as Foulksrath Castle, St. Canice's Cathedral and Kilkenny Castle), Tipperary (such as Loughmoe Castle, Holy Cross Abbey, and perhaps other Purcell castles), and Cork (the Purcell residences of Burton Park, Highfort and Altamira). Walter Ryan-Purcell, who is well connected to the Irish tourism industry, will advise on hotels and coaches. Catherine Purcell, who lives in Loughmore, is also one of the planners.

If you might be interested and would like to be put on the e-mail list to be kept informed of planning, please email me at: Please also visit this website:

Second, I have recently written a scholarly history of the Purcell family of Ireland. It may be accessed and read on the website mentioned above: I hope that Purcells and Purcell descendants will find it of interest.

With kind regards.

Brien Purcell Horan

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